Sunday, December 24, 2006

Look by Look

Look by Look
kiss by kiss
I do what I want I do what I love

Vixen by Sparkle Skye
This isn't new but is great for someone looking for that sleek torch singer look with a bit of Va Va Va Voom. Its a gorgeous lush red velvet with flecks of sparkles and a killer boa. Comes with 2 skirts, top, boa, garter belt, panties & ruby studded stockings.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Looking for that something special?

Just a few things in case your looking for that something special but arent quite sure I have now made gift certificates available in the shop for both dollar amounts and specific items. Also what girl doesnt love a little sparke around her neck the Thorns of Love set is perfect for the holiday evenings with just a hint of sparkle.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

How Can You?

How can you see into my eyes like open doors leading you down into my core... Were I've become so numb without a soul sleeping somewere cold
Until you find it there and lead it back home
Wake me up my name and save me from the dark...
Your touch has made me whole

Visigoth wearing Milady Gothic Rose

Sometimes even when you speak to people for a brief time they leave you with an indelible impression. I had the pleasure of meeting Visi & Devo in the shop and this is the image that evolved from our brief conversation & the image she sent me.

A little touch of Magic & a Whisper of Romance

Sunset Romance Caliope in Caliope's Sunset wearing Milady in Sunset
A beautiful princess caught in the fading light of the sun as it sets. Her hopes, her dreams await her as she basks in the afterglow. I loved this photo it evoked those magical fairytales I grew up with as a child and all the wonderful places our imagination carries us away to.

A Little Touch of Magic Dragonshelle wearing Flower Fairy in Mystical
When I got this photo sent to me it evoked everything and more of what I had intended this outfit to be. Dragonshelle caught the perfect whimsical feel with just a touch of magic in it can't you just imagine the fairies dancing in the fields of flowers under the starlit skies?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Magical Nights
Tracey Lacey
Princess of the Forest
Danner Dosei

I often get asked what inspires me, theres really a myriad of things some really small a flash of color, a movie even something as mundane as a trip to the market.
My biggest inspiration by far is my clients and their feed back, it truly make those times when the long tedious hours of designing can become a joy. I have had such kind words and beautiful images sent to me that I have decided to post some of the photos I have received. Each person has taken their feelings and emotions and expressed them in these images and its been truly a delight to see them express them selves each so differently and in heartfelt ways. It is something that I am truly thankful for and pushes me to work harder.

Magical Night - Tracey Lacey wearing Milady Sunsent
Princess of the Forest - Danner Dosei wearing Milady Sage

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gypsy Garden

This is one of my favorite sets because of the way it can be combined and give you really different looks that carry a different mood to them. The pants combo is little more hip night clubby while the jacket and skirt pieces combined give a more elegant demure look and the sheer pieces are just HOT!. This total set has 15 pieces Im just showing 4 different ways it can be worn but there are many other combos. In addition this set can be mixed with Secret Garden Series and the Scherezade sets.Its available now at my maine store on the Island of ImagineNation.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Turkey day is done and family has departed so managed to get a few more colors for the Scheherazade series done. I am really loving how this set has come together and just love playing with the hip belt trying to work out different dance combinations.

I saw a gorgeous photo of a sunrise with all these hues of blue, yellow and soft purple and inspired one of the new colors in this series. The gold set is a like a sheer gossamer fabric the photos dont really capture it well. The other 2 colors released today are a soft Ivory & a Midnight blue.

These are available at my Main store only on the Island of ImagineNation. If you would like to see a demo of how this looks and works please do not hesitate to IM me.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Dancing from your heart...

A small preview of the new set Scheherazade. This is a huge set that will give you a variety of looks & will match the Milady series. It has 14 pieces & the best part of all is the interactive dance belt (scripted by Dominus). The dance belt will allow you to choregraph your own unique dances from a series of 10 belly dance moves. This was along time in coming and Im very excited that it has come together so well.

For anyone that dances you know a dance is learning the steps, a vocabulary from which you then take your words and form your story. The story can change depending on your mood, your audience but it is an expression of yourself. What we have been able to do is create a system that allows you to do that. The scripted hip belt has a series of 10 belly dance moves it allows you to use a menu system to instantly change you dance move. So with a little practice of learning the moves you are able to choregraph a unique performance and chorgraph it to a song. Curently I have put 2 colors in the store more will follow after the holiday. Please do not hesitate to IM me for a demo on how this works.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gobble Gobble! Get your free turkey

Happy Thanks Giving!
Were giving away a free turkey poofer with a few humorous sounds that play intermittently. They are available in the store. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.
Hugzzz Dominus and Sparkle

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee - Sale!

Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee

Lousy with virginity

Won't go to bed 'til legally wed

I can't; I'm Sandra Dee

Sandra Dee Half off Sale till Sunday midnight in 29 Lucious Colors !!! Each pack includes 4 shades a Satin Bow & a Lace Bow. At my Main store only Allure by Sparkle Skye

Chantilly Lace on Sale!!!

This is a cute little 50s dress, made from a Beaded Silk with layers of antique lace, pink & teal organza. Its an 8 piece set that can be worn a variety of different ways. Perfect for a Romantic stroll or afternoon tea. On sale till midnight on Sunday

Friday, November 17, 2006

Princessa Updo II

I made the original version of this style sometime ago and have used alot in my adds, Recently when I used it to photo the Thorns of Love jewelry I decided it needed some revisions. So here it is finally at long last released. The bangs are a bit shorter then the orignal and I moved some of the side tendrils around to what I feel is a lighter and more delicate variations of this style. Its available in 14 colors at my Main store only Allure by Sparkle Skye

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

If I am unaware of love....

If I am unaware of love, I live drably. If I become intoxicated with love, I live in dreamland. If I recognize love, and shake his hand then comfort, dreams, and sometimes intoxication become mine to drench in and give away as well.


A few of the colors for the Milady series there are now 12 color variations to select from. Photo does not capture the amount of hand painted detail and richness of color, please IM me if you wish to see these in person. Available at my main store only on the island of ImagineNation Allure by Sparkle Skye

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Did my heart love till now?

She walks in beauty, Like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that's best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes.
~ by Byron ~
Milady Rose

A new addition to the Milady collection a deep red silk with lace overlay on the bodice and skirt, surrounded with soft red silk that floats gently as you walk. The cape is a deep jewel red with gold filagree detail. The complete ensemble is 12 pieces which includes the flexi cape with rose & diamond detail with a diamond teardrop (each diamond color changes individually), Silk flexi prim skirt, an additional train, flexi sleeves, 2 corsets, armlets, skirt, flower & pearl detailed stockings with matching panties, also included is a rose & diamond tiara. The photo simply does not capture the amount of hand painted detail and richness of color. Available at my main store only on the island of ImagineNation Allure by Sparkle Skye

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thorns of Love how sweet it is...

Love -- bittersweet, irrepressible -- loosens my limbs and I tremble.
SAPPHO, To Atthis
Thorns of Love
is the first in the Treasured Jewels collection. This is a 5 piece set made from tiny roses & diamonds with little thorns, included is a drop dead gorgeous rose & diamond necklace, teardrop earrings and 2 rose & diamond bracelets. Each diamond individually color changes so you can make them all 1 color or make different combinations. Sparkles can be turned & off default is off. Currently available in Platinum, Pale Gold, 18 karat Gold & Pale Gold with Red Roses. This set is a perfect match to the Milady Arwen Gown. Platinum set is on display in shop now. Available at my main store only on the island of ImagineNation Allure by Sparkle Skye

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Milady Arwen

Quick post before bed Milady Arwen will be available later today. This is a stunning flowing silk gown. This ensemble is 12 pieces which includes the flexi cape with rose & diamond detail with a diamond teardrop, flexi prim skirt, an additional train, flexi sleeves, 2 corsets, armlets, skirt, flower & pearl detailed stockings with matching panties, also included is a rose & diamond tiara. Available at my main store only on the island of ImagineNation Allure by Sparkle Skye

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Princessa Over the shoulder

At long last I have finally finished & released this its been sitting inventory forever. Its the latest addition to the Princessa line a soft sultry look with a french braid the falls over the shoulder into a cascade of curls. There is a jeweled hair band that sparkles gently if you turn it on, its default off. Its available in 14 colors at main store only Allure by Sparkle Skye

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I see You

All Seeing Eye

Tired of visitor counters that crash or simply stop recording when you have exceeded 60 or 70 visitors? The All-Seeing-Eye Advanced Visitor Counter by Dominus Designs is an attractive stylish visitor counter that will record up to 500 Unique visitors per day, recording the avatars name and time they have visited your location. It can be configured to provide a custom greeting message, provide an optional daily lucky-door prize, optionally emails reports every day, and can be used by the owner as well as authorised operators. Great value, the All-Seeing-Eye Advanced Visitor Counter will also follw the movements of the closest avatar to it and provide Smart-Alec comments (optional) as well. Available at Dominus Designs on the island of ImagineNation.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Danger Danger Lost in SL!

Danger Danger Will Robinson! The "Lost in SL" Robot avatar is rolling your way. Complete with custom sounds and animations this friendly robot needs to be seen to be believed! Custom walk makes your Lost in SL Robot Avatar roll across surfaces convincingly, he has lil spinning whirligigs when he speaks, and represents great out-of-this-world value!

Gothic Rose

A Couple more additions to the flower faries Gothic Rose & Mystic Rose are now available.Sets are made up of multiple pieces to allow you to mix and match to give you a variety if looks. Included area pair of Rose flexi wings, a rose wand that glows and sprinkles fairy dust (activated by touch), satin ballet slippers with tiny roses & diamonds with flexi ribbon bows, satin bra with rose trim, rose panties, a petal skirt, flexibabydoll, rose pin with flexis rose garlands, flexi sleeves, satin draped bodice, rose garland armlets and stockings.Currrently available in Red, Midnight Blue, and Plum, Gothic Rose & Mystic my main store only Allure by Sparkle Skye

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ballet Slippers

These are the slippers I originally created for the flower fairies. I have expanded the color range and made them available individually and as color packs as well.

Each set includes the basic ballet slipper with cross straps then a slipper with the roses on the toe and straps with tiny diamonds. The ankle straps have a flexi bow and I have packaged in 3 different sizes for the calves. The Pastel series matches the Spring Myst sets and the Jewel tones the Entre vous sets to make a perfect compliment to these outfit as well as the flower fairies. These are available now at my main store on ImagineNation.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Flower Faries

I'm so happy to have finally gotten these finished, I revamped the satin draped bodice, added a rose detailed bra top & some flexi rose garlands.The set is huge with alot of options as how it can be worn, I have shown 4 different ways in the adds.

The fabric is a soft shimmery satin with very crisp detailing and softly shaded roses. Included with the sets is a stunning pair of Rose detailed flexi wings, a rose wand that has a soft glow with fairy dust (can be turned off by touch), a pair of satin ballet shoes with tiny rose clusters, delicate ribbons & a flexi bow, satin rose detailed bra, satin draped bodice, rose detailed panties, rose garland armlets & leggings, prim petal skirt, flexi prim babydoll & flexi sleeves. Each set has 2 sizes included. Colors currently available are midnight blue, plum and red.

These are available at the main store on the island of ImagineNation only.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sneak Peek

Well this outfit has been in the making on and off for months and I finnally got it in gear and finished all the pieces. Just a quick sneak peek of the WildRose Fairy in Ruby as I head off to bed. The sets will come with Rose garland gloves and stockings, satin draped bodice, Rose panties, Rose Petal skirt, Rose Petal flexi babydoll, Rose Garland Wings and Red satin ballet slippers with rose clusters and diamonds. This will be avaialbe later tonight after I get home from class and more colors to follow.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

False Advertising!

Why do designers significantly alter their advertisements? I love to shop but don't get to as often as would like an the other night I was really in a shopping mood and found a place with some really cute items.

I was all set to buy a few outfits when I get the first one on, the add showed a cute outfit in black satin however the outfit I got was a blechy dark gray, then I look at the back and the back has reds and greens in it and is so over saturated there is no detail. The designer obviously had misrepresented the outfit but what I dont get is if they could take the time to correct the add why not just fix the garment in the first place?

Needless to say very disappointing and I wont be buying from there again. I have to say it defeats your purpose to misrepresent your product and not show the back of something because its flawed. Consumers do see that and word gets around, so any initial gains you may get from it are lost because your losing repeat business.

As a designer I would much rather people say that the item looks better then the picture then be disappointed and upset. As a customer I get aggravated and annoyed.

So please dont adjust your adds to the point they dont match what your selling! Ok thats my rant for the day.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hibiscus **New** addition to the Secret Garden Line

Finally after being sick for a month with one thing after another I have been able to get this out. Hibiscus is the latest addition to the Secret Garden Line. It is a beautiful Silk Sarong set that shimmers as you walk. It combines elegance and sensuality it comes with multiple piece so can be worn different ways to express your mood.

The set is comprised of 10 pieces of hand painted silk with lace flower appliques. A flexi shoulder scarf with a garland jeweled prim flowers adorns your shoulder as it trails gracefully down your back. Also included is a matching jeweled hip scarf were the silk softly gathers around your hips.

There are 2 tops and 3 skirts one set is a sheer set for the more daring of you, floral arm bands and matching bikini bottoms. The diamonds in the flowers do have a soft gentle sparkle but it is default off and can be tunred on with a voice command.

This set does match the secret garden series so can be mixed and match with that set. It is currently available in 8 colors and can be found only at my main store.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Secret Garden & the Sensuality of a women

Secret Garden Spring Pastels Secret Garden Mystical
This set has truly been a labor of love its been days upon days of work to get all the colors completed. I am supremely happy with how this has turned out, for those who havent spoken to me you may not know that I do dance and teach in real life, my costumes when I perform have all been designed by me and one of the very first items I made when I came to sl was a copy of a dance costume I had just finished.

I was rather disappointed at the time as it really didnt carry the feeling and emotion that one of these outfits embodies. As anyone who has danced or seen a good performance can tell you, there is something magical about it when you don the costume & makeup.

Yes they are sensual but isnt that what being feminine is? Even a tomboy has a cute sensual sex appeal. I think sometimes as women of this era that is something we have lost touch with. Many of us have careers are assertive and a whole list of other things, but at the base of it all we are women and should be proud of who we are within our feminity and sensuality and embrace that part of ourselves.

I know over the years of teaching I have seen many women and it doesnt not matter if they are barbie size or full figure many are uncomfortable with thier self image and dislike thier bodies. As they progressed I would see a change that was rather miraculous for many of them I think it was the first time they saw that having curves is a good thing, that embracing our femininity is powerful and it give you a confidence that no one can take from you. Not matter what size ,shape or age you are there is beauty in all women.

Smiles well kind of got off track about the outfit a bit but this is something I feel very passionate about. While I love creating beautiful things be it artwork here that becomes clothing or art in the real world my intent is the same. I want, no not just want I need the things I make to impart feeling and emotion when you see or wear them. When I create a dress or hair their is intent behind that style to evoke an image. Not everyone may get the same image or feeling I do when making it but as long as they do when they wear that item then I know I have succeeded.

Some may think I'm being silly, but how is wearing a costume that makes you feel beautiful any sillier then a book or movie that makes you laugh or cry?

Well enuf of my rambeling heres some info on the outfit. There a total of 13 pieces 3 tops 3 skirts, armbands, a pearl and flower applique undergarment set, 2 flexi skirts, flexi arm veils for the arms, a prim flower clasp and a prim flower broach for the bra.

Each set was individually repainted it is difficlt to see in the photographs but the lace detialing has been painted to have a variety of hues in the base color and in most a contrasting or complimentary color was lighlty painted on the leaves and tips of the flower petals. Within the fabric it self I used a variety of colors to try and give the fabric depth and the irridescense you find in hand dyed silk.

In Secret Garden Blush that is show the flower vary from shades of ivory to hues of pink with a light touch teal. Burning Embers has flecks of oranges, reds and black. There are a total of 16 colors available and I have been in store peridically modeling this and am happy to demo it for anyone who wishes to see the actual colors before purchasing. It is currently avaialable at my main store only. If it gives you even a small sense of what I have talked about today that I have succeeded in what I have set out to achieve.

Secret Garden Colors

Secret Garden - Seafoam Secret Garden Blush
Secret Garden Burning Embers

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sasha Flexi hair

Well flexis have finally arrived, there was much anticipation about these coming but to be honest I looked at them in preview and didnt really think I would be using them much. The shapes that are flexible are very limited and even with those shapes there limitations. I had flexi's litteraly spazzing out with a nervous twitch as I discovered these limits.

That being said there is potential for these used with moderation so we don't look like we just hit a wind tunnel. I have visions of dorothy whooshing away as the tornado hits kansas. Laughs my first few attempts really put that vivvidly in mind.

Sasha is a very serene style the flows gently to your waist with soft gentle movement. For the time being I have decided to do the flexi hair packs a bit smaller then my usall sets at a reduced price. I have also put together some flower and flexie ribbon wreaths for Sasha. Not every single ribbon flexes but I think in this case less is more.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Princessa Long Braid with Diamonds & Flowers

I have finally gotten this set finished its been sitting in inventory since hair fair. I have a few more in this series I need to finish so I can move on, all going well the next one should be out shortly. This release is a waist long braid that falls from the braided coronet interwoven with diamonds. For this release I decided not to attach the flowers directly into the hair so it would give a wider range of choice in look and feel. the flowers make it ultra feminine and a bit more dressy, without you have a bit more of a casual feel. There will be a few more flower colors and textures coming just didnt have time to get them all out. Important to note about the sparkle in the diamonds they are default off as I know that many are anti bling just as many do like it. Also there are a few color ranges I recently realised I had overlooked so I will be likely painting some new textures. I maybe eleminating some shades where I feel the differences are too subtle for how SL renders. It is disappointing sometimes when trying to paint in a variety of colors and then to upload and have them appear very similiar on a prim when in fact they are quite different. If there are colors that you have been looking for feel free to contact me, I am always open to suggestions. I love flowers and all kinds of things for my hair in real life, I really wish redoing my hair styles and accessories were this easy in real life I'ld be in heaven.

Princessa Long Braid a few colors

Just a few of the colors

Monday, May 22, 2006

Allure Debutante - Entre Vous

Often when I try to go to sleep Im thinking of designs and concepts as I look foward to the upcoming week. Sometimes my mind is going 90 miles a minute and I cant sleep because images & thoughts flash through my brain and I get on a roll. So this is how The Allure Debutante was born.

I am still in the thinking and development stages of this paticular line but I wanted something that embodies what that word means to me. Clothing that embodies grace, femininity, coming out to the beginnings of society and fashion. A freshness in style yet still with a touch of innocence, as a girl makes that trasition into womenhood. But also with a dash of spirit that sometimes bends the rules.

This is something quite different to my mind then designs such as Vixen which I consider more to be along the lines of the couture women much bolder, sleekier confident of herself and not afraid to show it. But thats for another post.

My First in the Allure Debutante line is Entre Vous a delightful ensemble set that will give you a variety of looks. Hand painted satin with lace detailing This set includes a sleek bodice and non prim mini skirt that can be worn with or without the prim sleeves and ribbon choker. Or you can wear it as a babydoll dress for those less casual functions. Have a party and dancing to go to? Then try the layers of ruffled petticoats that make this dress a real show stopper.

I loved making this dress the satin feels lush and creamy to me. I simply adore this set and hope you enjoy it too. It is avaible exclusively at my main store in ImagineNation and comes in 12 colors a few samples posted below.

EntreVous - Colors