Friday, November 30, 2007

Twilight Moments

Magical moments against the twilight sky.

Its been a really difficult month or two, this week and next will be the worst. I have had some really interesting classes on character and make up design which I am looking foward to utilising into some new concepts and designs for the upcoming year. However my statistics class is really killing me and I have a back log of gowns that are finished or nearly done but not photoed and packaged. Today was another test, one more to go next week, it was very disheartening as I'm sure I didnt do well despite the days and nights of studying, and if I dont do well next week it means repeating the course. I am terribly math phobic and the minute I sit down to the test sheer panic sets in and everything I thought I knew goes flying out of my mind.

I came home so very upset and depressed from my exam I decided to try and lift my spirits with something as far away from math and reality as possible. This is a gown I have been working on and off now for a while that seems to keep evolving. Sometimes I think designs have a life of thier own and if we allow them to the grow and sometimes become something far more beautiful and magical then we originally started with.

I have a few more thoughts on where I want this to go, so in between studying and praying that I pass Ill let it sit and see where its magic will take me...

Allure by Sparkle Skye