Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Princessa Long Braid with Diamonds & Flowers

I have finally gotten this set finished its been sitting in inventory since hair fair. I have a few more in this series I need to finish so I can move on, all going well the next one should be out shortly. This release is a waist long braid that falls from the braided coronet interwoven with diamonds. For this release I decided not to attach the flowers directly into the hair so it would give a wider range of choice in look and feel. the flowers make it ultra feminine and a bit more dressy, without you have a bit more of a casual feel. There will be a few more flower colors and textures coming just didnt have time to get them all out. Important to note about the sparkle in the diamonds they are default off as I know that many are anti bling just as many do like it. Also there are a few color ranges I recently realised I had overlooked so I will be likely painting some new textures. I maybe eleminating some shades where I feel the differences are too subtle for how SL renders. It is disappointing sometimes when trying to paint in a variety of colors and then to upload and have them appear very similiar on a prim when in fact they are quite different. If there are colors that you have been looking for feel free to contact me, I am always open to suggestions. I love flowers and all kinds of things for my hair in real life, I really wish redoing my hair styles and accessories were this easy in real life I'ld be in heaven.

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