Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Castle in the Clouds - my meanderings...

Its been a chaotic few months, a couple weeks ago as I was arriving in the school parking lot a huge suburban decided to go full speed in reverse into me and my car. Needless to say my car was smooshed but thankfully I was ok other then being a bit rattled.


This semester I am taking a digital drawing class along with driving down to the valley for a 3d modeling class. Its really interesting how some teachers are so very different, my modeling teacher on Saturdays is very intense the moment the class starts he is off lecturing barely taking a breath the class is supposed to end at 6:00pm sat night but quite often we are there till 7 or 8. Its really interesting but at times all the information can be mind numbing.

On the other side is my drawing class I seriously think my teacher has this twisted little streak that wants to see us squirm. He doesn't lecture quite as much but he gives us a drawing assignment nearly every week and he wants them 11 by 17 inches matted! When your used to doing things 1024 or 512 for SL 11 by 17 inches can be quite daunting if not down right intimidating.

The drawing above is my assignment for class we were given the title Castle in the Clouds and the objective was to use multiple points of perspective. After a few really bleh printings and then going back and reworking my levels of contrasts and colors I was reasonably pleased with it. I ended up printing at Kinkos on 80 pound card stock. The first printing was really dark so they had to increase the lightness a lot, it is something I will need keep in mind when prepare for printing next time


Our next assignment is a diptych in dualities, for those of you that said huh like I did a diptych is 2 panels or a series of 2 panels of paintings in this case (see I told you he wanted to see us squirm). I'm not quite sure what to do for these and as usual I dread starting. I think that I'm always worried what if its not right or not good enough so I wait till I have no choice but to start, usually then I get completely involved and obsessive about it. That being said there really is something different to seeing your work in print, I am hoping I can overcome my phobia about it so that I look forward to it and be a bit more prolific.

When I got home late saturday night my router was dead, dead, dead so I ended up having to get a new one today and arguing with ATT support trying to get it workin properly. So I'm back online hopefully everyone had a wonderful Halloween.