Friday, November 24, 2006

Dancing from your heart...

A small preview of the new set Scheherazade. This is a huge set that will give you a variety of looks & will match the Milady series. It has 14 pieces & the best part of all is the interactive dance belt (scripted by Dominus). The dance belt will allow you to choregraph your own unique dances from a series of 10 belly dance moves. This was along time in coming and Im very excited that it has come together so well.

For anyone that dances you know a dance is learning the steps, a vocabulary from which you then take your words and form your story. The story can change depending on your mood, your audience but it is an expression of yourself. What we have been able to do is create a system that allows you to do that. The scripted hip belt has a series of 10 belly dance moves it allows you to use a menu system to instantly change you dance move. So with a little practice of learning the moves you are able to choregraph a unique performance and chorgraph it to a song. Curently I have put 2 colors in the store more will follow after the holiday. Please do not hesitate to IM me for a demo on how this works.

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