Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Secret Garden & the Sensuality of a women

Secret Garden Spring Pastels Secret Garden Mystical
This set has truly been a labor of love its been days upon days of work to get all the colors completed. I am supremely happy with how this has turned out, for those who havent spoken to me you may not know that I do dance and teach in real life, my costumes when I perform have all been designed by me and one of the very first items I made when I came to sl was a copy of a dance costume I had just finished.

I was rather disappointed at the time as it really didnt carry the feeling and emotion that one of these outfits embodies. As anyone who has danced or seen a good performance can tell you, there is something magical about it when you don the costume & makeup.

Yes they are sensual but isnt that what being feminine is? Even a tomboy has a cute sensual sex appeal. I think sometimes as women of this era that is something we have lost touch with. Many of us have careers are assertive and a whole list of other things, but at the base of it all we are women and should be proud of who we are within our feminity and sensuality and embrace that part of ourselves.

I know over the years of teaching I have seen many women and it doesnt not matter if they are barbie size or full figure many are uncomfortable with thier self image and dislike thier bodies. As they progressed I would see a change that was rather miraculous for many of them I think it was the first time they saw that having curves is a good thing, that embracing our femininity is powerful and it give you a confidence that no one can take from you. Not matter what size ,shape or age you are there is beauty in all women.

Smiles well kind of got off track about the outfit a bit but this is something I feel very passionate about. While I love creating beautiful things be it artwork here that becomes clothing or art in the real world my intent is the same. I want, no not just want I need the things I make to impart feeling and emotion when you see or wear them. When I create a dress or hair their is intent behind that style to evoke an image. Not everyone may get the same image or feeling I do when making it but as long as they do when they wear that item then I know I have succeeded.

Some may think I'm being silly, but how is wearing a costume that makes you feel beautiful any sillier then a book or movie that makes you laugh or cry?

Well enuf of my rambeling heres some info on the outfit. There a total of 13 pieces 3 tops 3 skirts, armbands, a pearl and flower applique undergarment set, 2 flexi skirts, flexi arm veils for the arms, a prim flower clasp and a prim flower broach for the bra.

Each set was individually repainted it is difficlt to see in the photographs but the lace detialing has been painted to have a variety of hues in the base color and in most a contrasting or complimentary color was lighlty painted on the leaves and tips of the flower petals. Within the fabric it self I used a variety of colors to try and give the fabric depth and the irridescense you find in hand dyed silk.

In Secret Garden Blush that is show the flower vary from shades of ivory to hues of pink with a light touch teal. Burning Embers has flecks of oranges, reds and black. There are a total of 16 colors available and I have been in store peridically modeling this and am happy to demo it for anyone who wishes to see the actual colors before purchasing. It is currently avaialable at my main store only. If it gives you even a small sense of what I have talked about today that I have succeeded in what I have set out to achieve.

Secret Garden Colors

Secret Garden - Seafoam Secret Garden Blush
Secret Garden Burning Embers