Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thorns of Love how sweet it is...

Love -- bittersweet, irrepressible -- loosens my limbs and I tremble.
SAPPHO, To Atthis
Thorns of Love
is the first in the Treasured Jewels collection. This is a 5 piece set made from tiny roses & diamonds with little thorns, included is a drop dead gorgeous rose & diamond necklace, teardrop earrings and 2 rose & diamond bracelets. Each diamond individually color changes so you can make them all 1 color or make different combinations. Sparkles can be turned & off default is off. Currently available in Platinum, Pale Gold, 18 karat Gold & Pale Gold with Red Roses. This set is a perfect match to the Milady Arwen Gown. Platinum set is on display in shop now. Available at my main store only on the island of ImagineNation Allure by Sparkle Skye

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