Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sneek Peek at The Goddess StormWind

Just a quick peek at the StormWind Goddess more when I wake up

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Goddess of the Volcano Arenal

Inspired by the Volcano Arenal in the beautiful lands of Costa Rica

Arising from a long sleep in her darkened caverns this deadly beauty arises...Feared by mortals... The goddess of sacred lands reigns with rich flamboyant plumes of fire and molten Lava...

She arises proudly before you in her fiery glory, sweeping majestically across the lands.

The Volcano Arenal Gown is the first in my Elemental Goddess series. It includes a fully hand painted gown with a plunging v neck and a dangerously low back and a scandalously high slit on the side. 2 tops one without the gauntlets, mermaid skirt and mermaid skirt with long train Floor length draped sleeves that represent fire and a smaller set of draped sleeves for standing. The gown features intelli-sleeves which combines a custom pose that works in conjunction with most of your favourite walks to show the sleeves off to their utmost in both walking and static poses.

Goddess of The Volcano Arenal cont

Full Draped Sleeves
Featuring a custom pose designed to work with most of your favorite walks and our Intellisleeve sytem
Dangerously Provactive

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Winter Jewel

Winter Jewel Ceremony Gown

Music and silver chimes and sunlit air, Freighted with the scent of honeyed orange-flower; Glad, friendly festal faces everywhere. She, rapt from all in this unearthly hour,

With cloud like, cast-back veil and faint-flushed cheek, In bridal beauty moves as in a trance Alone with him, and fears to breathe, to speak, Lest the rare, subtle spell dissolve perchance.

But he upon that floral head looks down, Noting the misty eyes, the grave sweet brow-- Doubts if her bliss be perfect as his own, And dedicates anew with inward vow His soul unto her service, to repay Richly the sacrifice she yields this day.

The Winter Jewel Gown is a picturesque Winter gown for that perfect winter wedding. hand painted with beautiful jewel detailing. The skirt is adorned with prim roses and Jeweled stars, with an optional sparkling over skirt. Cathedral and reception skirt are both included a luxurious fur stole and sparkling Fur tiara with veil as well as the fur tiara with no veil. A delicate lace bra stockings and prims bows.

Allure by Sparkle Skye

Winter Jewel Continued

A Winter Postcard

The beauty of a winter's morn -when snow is fresh and clean;

Boughs on evergreens clothed in white -a pretty sight to be seen.

Reception Gown

Bushes are, themselves, a garden -to be remembered in the spring;

A postcard scene on a winter's morn,to me, is everything.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dark Rose Farie Princess

Dark Rose Farie Princess - Special Edition

The sweet scent of roses surround you as the soft petals of roses caress your skin.
With an air of mystery the dark princess glances mysteriously at you from a dark fringe of lashes.
Softly she whispers you lean foward to hear her to touch her to see if shes real... and she vanishes and just a rose is left in you hand....
Dark Rose Farie Princess - Special Edition

The Dark Rose Farie Princess came from a customer request for a gothic version of Milady that ended up not being picked up and I never released into the store. I have decided to include the the regular pieces that you find with Milady as well as this color will not be sold in the Milady series so this set looks to be at least 24 pieces I have included just a couple photos on how you can combine this, I discovered by accident the the Rose Tiara and the fur tiara can be worn together if you put them at different attachment points. The Rose Wand is activated by touch and surrounds you with soft wind of roses. A completely different feeling from the Winter Farie Princess. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I do.

Ensemble includes 2 tops, Gloves, 3 prim skirts, (A line, Medium Train, Long Train) Draped Flowing Sleeves, Fur Trimmed Sleeves, Fur Trimmed cape, Rose Cape without Fur, 2 sets of Wings, Rose Wand,Fur Stole, Fur Tiara, Rose Tiara, Panties & Stockings
Dark Rose Farie Princess by Sparkle Skye

Dark Rose Farie Princess part 2

Fur Lined Cape

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Shoes Oh my!

I am a self confessed shoe-a-holic and the only 12 steps Im taking is right to Melanies Zhao's divine shoe store Zhao Shoe's HQ. I probably own more shoes then then there are days in a year and still love to shop for them. When I got asked in SL what did I want for Christmas I said shoeeeeeeeees! However the Melanie's Miabella shoes I think are probably the shoes I reach for the most. I discovered these when I was looking for the perfect pump to match the Madame X gown.
What do I love? There so many things about this shoe that make it the must have shoe in your closet no matter how many you have. They have a great hud attachment that change the ribbon strap and bow at the back of the shoe, that alone made them worth it to me but theres more. you also have a bling on and off option, walk on and off and if you like the heel click sounds theres 3 choices of wood, rubber and metal aith the ability to turn the volume down so not everyone in the sim hears you coming.

I normally use my ao but these are great when I need to take that off and still have a nice walk its a great option which I find as useful as the color change option.
Miabellshoes available at Zhao Shoe's HQ
Hair : Contessa & Goldie Allure by Sparkle Skye
Thorns of Love jewelry Allure by Sparkle Skye
Queen Galaxy Jewelry Alienbear Design
Limited Edition no longer available