Saturday, September 30, 2006

False Advertising!

Why do designers significantly alter their advertisements? I love to shop but don't get to as often as would like an the other night I was really in a shopping mood and found a place with some really cute items.

I was all set to buy a few outfits when I get the first one on, the add showed a cute outfit in black satin however the outfit I got was a blechy dark gray, then I look at the back and the back has reds and greens in it and is so over saturated there is no detail. The designer obviously had misrepresented the outfit but what I dont get is if they could take the time to correct the add why not just fix the garment in the first place?

Needless to say very disappointing and I wont be buying from there again. I have to say it defeats your purpose to misrepresent your product and not show the back of something because its flawed. Consumers do see that and word gets around, so any initial gains you may get from it are lost because your losing repeat business.

As a designer I would much rather people say that the item looks better then the picture then be disappointed and upset. As a customer I get aggravated and annoyed.

So please dont adjust your adds to the point they dont match what your selling! Ok thats my rant for the day.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hibiscus **New** addition to the Secret Garden Line

Finally after being sick for a month with one thing after another I have been able to get this out. Hibiscus is the latest addition to the Secret Garden Line. It is a beautiful Silk Sarong set that shimmers as you walk. It combines elegance and sensuality it comes with multiple piece so can be worn different ways to express your mood.

The set is comprised of 10 pieces of hand painted silk with lace flower appliques. A flexi shoulder scarf with a garland jeweled prim flowers adorns your shoulder as it trails gracefully down your back. Also included is a matching jeweled hip scarf were the silk softly gathers around your hips.

There are 2 tops and 3 skirts one set is a sheer set for the more daring of you, floral arm bands and matching bikini bottoms. The diamonds in the flowers do have a soft gentle sparkle but it is default off and can be tunred on with a voice command.

This set does match the secret garden series so can be mixed and match with that set. It is currently available in 8 colors and can be found only at my main store.