Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

PhotoBooth Photosphere???

Ok well I'm going to tip toe in for a moment on the photosphere, photobooth discussion for just a moment. Firstly a disclaimer that I know neither of the partys that advertised the spheres and do not own either of these booths (there are a few for sale looking through forums) but I do own a number of photobooths and the first fully enclosed round booth was actually made by Hosequeen which was a freebie that I got in 2004 which I happen to love and still use, Its not fancy doesnt have all the new neat features these have but it was the original concept of using and enclosed round booth and super low prim.

Also at SL burning man last year some did an awesome huge display showing landscapes in a fully enclosed build where they broke up 1 panaromic photo across many panels so you felt like you were inside the landscape. (I cant recall the project creators off hand)

I have also bought a number of other photobooths not because any were broken but because I liked a background or some effects it had even tho 99% of the time for adds I photo against white and do my own backgrounds. Its still fun to have something for a quick photo in world that has a great back drop already done for you.

I think the creativity is not really the shape of the booth but in the backgrounds it comes with and the new backgrounds you can get for it and only you the artist can express those through your own ideas, feelings and emotions. I think thats what people are really buying not just a sphere or a box that anyone could rez or tint.

Thats my 2 cents on it for what its worth, hopefully no one takes it the wrong way, its entirely possible I'm way off base here and not understanding (it wouldnt be the first time) .