Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Magical Nights
Tracey Lacey
Princess of the Forest
Danner Dosei

I often get asked what inspires me, theres really a myriad of things some really small a flash of color, a movie even something as mundane as a trip to the market.
My biggest inspiration by far is my clients and their feed back, it truly make those times when the long tedious hours of designing can become a joy. I have had such kind words and beautiful images sent to me that I have decided to post some of the photos I have received. Each person has taken their feelings and emotions and expressed them in these images and its been truly a delight to see them express them selves each so differently and in heartfelt ways. It is something that I am truly thankful for and pushes me to work harder.

Magical Night - Tracey Lacey wearing Milady Sunsent
Princess of the Forest - Danner Dosei wearing Milady Sage

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