Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gypsy Garden

This is one of my favorite sets because of the way it can be combined and give you really different looks that carry a different mood to them. The pants combo is little more hip night clubby while the jacket and skirt pieces combined give a more elegant demure look and the sheer pieces are just HOT!. This total set has 15 pieces Im just showing 4 different ways it can be worn but there are many other combos. In addition this set can be mixed with Secret Garden Series and the Scherezade sets.Its available now at my maine store on the Island of ImagineNation.


Anonymous said...

Lady, I have been buying your designs for ages now. I am addicted lol.I too design in SL and you have been on the top of my list as inspiration.Thanks for all the hard work, its truly a work of art!
xoxox Princess Kendal

Kitty Tandino said...

hey Love!!!

just thought i'd drop in and send some hugs n kisses..
~*~})!({hugs.. kiss kiss})!({~*~
i 1st came to your shop cause im the kind that loves to ask ppl "oh u look hot where did u get that at?"
and that time one girl was kind enough to tell me that ur shop had the best flexi hair... well, she was wrong... ur shop has the best hair, Clothing and the best feeling of peace when u walk into it... its like steping outta the box and into a whole new would that temps ur senses... well, i'd like to thank you for ur wonderful work and please keep it coming!!!
With Love Always!
~kitty Tandino