Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Finally got some hair done Sophia is a sophisticated chignon the sweeps the hair softly to the side adorned with diamonds featuring and optional soft sparkle.

Available now at:
Sparkle Skye Designs

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Fairytales and happy endings?

This is the last one of the series I had to paint for my class, the assignment was to take something and recreate it with your own vision. It could be a famous painting, iconic image, fairytale pretty much whatever you wanted. There were some very creative ideas presented at the final critique there was a satirical painting of the last supper but with Jesus sitting at a table alone at McDonald's under a fast food sign.
I had a few different ideas that I wanted to work from so decided to combine two of them I always liked the stairs to heaven image and I wanted to incorporate a fairytale. I saw the play Wicked not to long ago and decided that I would make my stairs a brick road before Glenda has gone to the Emerald city my story is she walking along the brick road and the leaves are falling around her and as she walks along the road her magic turns the lave on the road to gold and it becomes the yellow brick road. Haha well its a bit of a stretch but its my little story to meet the assignment.
I was thrilled with how this one turned out I ended up abandoning Painter for this painting I was short on time and getting frustrated so this is completely painted in photoshop. Ill keep hacking away at painter but its definitely going to require more time and patience. There are a couple areas that I may go back and rework on the girl but overall I'm satisfied with the result. The original is 11 by 17 150 dpi done in photoshop.
My happy ending is I got an A in the class yayyy! Hope you have enjoyed seeing these.