Sunday, February 14, 2010


Starla Angelic
Last day to pick up any of the week 1 Starla series at the discounted price is Sunday 2-21-10 I will be removing it at midnight.
The Starla series is a special discounted set that I will be doing over the next 3 weeks.  Each week a new design will be available and the previous set will be removed. 

 Starla Gown

Starla Salsa

                 Bridal Salon by Sparkle Skye

IM Sparkle Skye or Mui Mukerji for assistance

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Into the Forest we go

Let us go now into the forest.
Trees will pass by your face,
and I will stop and offer you to them,
but they cannot bend down.
The night watches over its creatures,
except for the pine trees that never change:
the old wounded springs that spring
blessed gum, eternal afternoons.
If they could, the trees would lift you
and carry you from valley to valley,
and you would pass from arm to arm,
a child running
from father to father.