Sunday, October 29, 2006

Danger Danger Lost in SL!

Danger Danger Will Robinson! The "Lost in SL" Robot avatar is rolling your way. Complete with custom sounds and animations this friendly robot needs to be seen to be believed! Custom walk makes your Lost in SL Robot Avatar roll across surfaces convincingly, he has lil spinning whirligigs when he speaks, and represents great out-of-this-world value!

Gothic Rose

A Couple more additions to the flower faries Gothic Rose & Mystic Rose are now available.Sets are made up of multiple pieces to allow you to mix and match to give you a variety if looks. Included area pair of Rose flexi wings, a rose wand that glows and sprinkles fairy dust (activated by touch), satin ballet slippers with tiny roses & diamonds with flexi ribbon bows, satin bra with rose trim, rose panties, a petal skirt, flexibabydoll, rose pin with flexis rose garlands, flexi sleeves, satin draped bodice, rose garland armlets and stockings.Currrently available in Red, Midnight Blue, and Plum, Gothic Rose & Mystic my main store only Allure by Sparkle Skye

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ballet Slippers

These are the slippers I originally created for the flower fairies. I have expanded the color range and made them available individually and as color packs as well.

Each set includes the basic ballet slipper with cross straps then a slipper with the roses on the toe and straps with tiny diamonds. The ankle straps have a flexi bow and I have packaged in 3 different sizes for the calves. The Pastel series matches the Spring Myst sets and the Jewel tones the Entre vous sets to make a perfect compliment to these outfit as well as the flower fairies. These are available now at my main store on ImagineNation.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Flower Faries

I'm so happy to have finally gotten these finished, I revamped the satin draped bodice, added a rose detailed bra top & some flexi rose garlands.The set is huge with alot of options as how it can be worn, I have shown 4 different ways in the adds.

The fabric is a soft shimmery satin with very crisp detailing and softly shaded roses. Included with the sets is a stunning pair of Rose detailed flexi wings, a rose wand that has a soft glow with fairy dust (can be turned off by touch), a pair of satin ballet shoes with tiny rose clusters, delicate ribbons & a flexi bow, satin rose detailed bra, satin draped bodice, rose detailed panties, rose garland armlets & leggings, prim petal skirt, flexi prim babydoll & flexi sleeves. Each set has 2 sizes included. Colors currently available are midnight blue, plum and red.

These are available at the main store on the island of ImagineNation only.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sneak Peek

Well this outfit has been in the making on and off for months and I finnally got it in gear and finished all the pieces. Just a quick sneak peek of the WildRose Fairy in Ruby as I head off to bed. The sets will come with Rose garland gloves and stockings, satin draped bodice, Rose panties, Rose Petal skirt, Rose Petal flexi babydoll, Rose Garland Wings and Red satin ballet slippers with rose clusters and diamonds. This will be avaialbe later tonight after I get home from class and more colors to follow.