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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Oooo There be Dragons

Oooo there be Dragons
Princess Neit & her faithful companion
Still be trying to get over being sick but I had a really nice pick me up today when Neit Imd me and sent me some great photos. Neit really loves dragons and wryms so I thought I would take her photo and make a fun fantasy image from it. A lovely princess by the sea her faithful companion guarding her, wonder what adventures will befall them?
As a child I loved reading and my favorite books were the ones that had those wonderful illustrations. I still collect them to this day. This has been really fun perhaps I'll do an SL fairytale book one of these days.

Sweet & Lovely in Pink

I had a customer request to do this gown in a soft blush pink. I am really pleased with how it turned out. The silk on the skirt is subtle shade variations of a soft blush and baby pink it shimmers softly but has a really soft light flowy feel to the fabric. Just envision layers and layers of soft silk softly swirling around you as you walk, its an utterly divine feeling. The prim roses on the wreath sleeves and skirt are made up of a blush pink satin with some subtle tonal hues to give it a touch of contrast and depth. If you want to be pretty in pink for your bridal day this might just be for you.
Secret Garden Wedding Gown V1

A gorgeous silky satin gown with flower and pearl details. Included is a ceremony gown with a cathredal train & a reception gown with no train. Gown is adorned with prim roses & diamonds. The bodice has a sheer overlay and a semi opaque overlay. Rose wreath veil & detachable face veil. IM me to see a demo

Friday, January 26, 2007

Tristan's Princess & Ballet Slippers

Typo wearing Milady Lilia
Another lovely portrait that I recieved. Typo is wearing the Milady Lilia for her wedding dress and bouquets were done to match this in gold and ivory she completed the ensemble with the gold ballet slippers with roses & diamonds and the Princessa long curls.

*Ballet Slipper Update*

On one of the last patches something changed that no longer allows you to delete an item in the contents, something I used to do with shoes when I didn'tt want the walk.
Originally I had made these with a scripted walk at a customers request but now have had alot of requests for the shoe without the walk. If you purchased these shoes and would like it without the walk please contact me

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Soul meets Soul...

Soul meets Soul
on lover's lips

Wild Rose Wedding Gown

I'm happy to introduce the WildRose wedding gown. This is a luxurious wedding gown that is simply breathtaking and will definitely make a statement. A rich white satin with red satin trim and red roses detailing the bodice and skirt. The wedding ensemble includes a cathredal flexi gown and cathredal length bustle, a reception gown without the full train and a smaller bustle, a Rose garland wreath with a delicate lace veil and a lace over veil, lace & pearl detailed panties, stockings and white satin gloves. Avaialble in the Bridal Salon which is on the second floor in my main store on the Island of ImagineNation. Please IM me to view this gown.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Fairy Goodness

Xanna wearing Plum Fairy

I have had a miserable few days being sick with the flu, its been bed rest for me mostly with a a couple hours here and there trying to finish a wedding gown for a bride who was getting married monday. Thankfully I was just about done when I got sick. I logged in this evening just to check messages and I received this lovely photograph from Xanna, it really captured the essence of what his outfit was about when I initially envisioned it.
The photo has a very whimsical, story book feel ...A tiny fairy resting as she tends her gardens. Will the fairy prince find her and rescue her before the eveil toad whisks her away? Makes me want to turn to the next page in the book to read more of the story.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

She was a form of life & light

She was a form of life & light
That seen became part of sight...
Yes, love indeed is light from heaven;
A spark of that immortal fire.
Secret Garden Wedding V1
This first gown is not a revamp but a new design that evolved from the Secret Garden series at a request from a customer who wanted it as a wedding gown. This gown went through a few transformations as the customer wanted a cathredal length train for it. I have to say after alot of fits I was thrilled with the end result.The dress has a light gossamer feel that exudes luxury and feminity. There are prim roses with diamonds encircling the semi sheer bodice and the delicate sleeves. The bodice also has layers that can be added so if you choose for the ceremony it can be more opaque. There is a cathredal length gown and I also have made a reception gown with out the full train, that is a bit more manageable. The veil has a white rose wreath and an over veil that can be removed after the ceremony. There are 2 bustles one long for the ceremony and one for reception. Available now at my main store only on the Island of ImagineNation. Please IM me if you wish to view the gown before purchase.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Snow & Update days...Blahhh

Ok for the record I HATE update days, and I also hate the cold and its been freezing in California, we even had snow by the beach for the first time in 20 years! Check out the video.

I do understand that we need some downtime and fixes but of late the fixes seem to be less of an improvement and more a stumbling block. Its far and few between that the days we have an upgrade it goes smoothly and often takes days for things to normalise, by the time we do another update day is here. Am I saying anything new not really but just needed to rant.

New Feature in todays update include:

Improved Search function - I hope so search has been broken on & off for weeks and been working intermittently.

Next and previous button functions for the classifieds - Not sure if this was really a necessary feature but it does help make browsing bit easier & cleaner.

Non copy items are returned to inventory - I thought we always had this one but seems like somewere along the way it stopped working as it did so glad its fixed hopefully it will help with the inventory items that people seem to just have vanish.

There been a sandbox time limit and autoreturn added.

Report Bug has been moved to tools menu for those of you who may need to use it, it hasnt gone missing.

There are a few more but these were the ones that stood out to me. A lot of fixes, substantially more fixes then new features, that makes me feel a little better about having so a long down day.

The first hour or so seemed a bit rough, with a few annoying bugs, but things seemed to have stabilised so hopefully things will go well for the week

Revamping & some design thoughts

The Bridal salon is slowly coming together, I have done bridal gowns since I started designing mostly as custom orders for some wonderful customers who inspired me to help bring their visions to life. For a variety of reasons, I never got the wedding gowns into the shop and then flexis came and I have had alot of revamping to do.
Initially I was kinda bummed about having to redo all the work but ultimately I think it was for the best as the designs are much stronger and fluid then some of my initial work. I think sometimes when your rushing
and are very focused on the intial design process you miss alternatives.
I always nit pick things to death when I am working but if I am able to leave a design sit for a while and come back to it with a fresh eye, I find I am able to see things differently that may just make that needed change. I am always trying to challenge myself to try and see things differently and push beyond my initial concept.
The above photo is actually of some of the orginal dresses I havebeen reworking. Over the next few weeks Ill be releasing the revamped versions and some completely new designs. Flexis have both been wonderful and a great frustration in this process. On one hand there wonderful as it does give you a bit of softness and fluidity that we just were not able to get before, the bad part is the flying prims in your face when you move and while you can attain softness its not always the kind you want so I find myself struggling trying to achieve a compromise with the limitations and what I see in my head and how I want the dress to feel to me as I design it.
Overall I am reasonably happy with some of the results so far and hope people enjoy them.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fairy Flower Chairs

I have had these forever and have finally been getting a bit more organised. There are 2 types of flower chairs with a variety of sitting poses, the fairy chair also has a napping pose. These are available in a variety of color combinations if you dont see what your looking for please IM me as I have alot different colors, not all are out yet. The chairs are located in the fountain area to the right of the shop in front of bowling on the island of ImagineNation.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Even a Princess needs to spice it up!

Everyone knows I love fluffy, feminine things but every now and then I say enough well for 5 minutes at least. Princessa long braid Version 2 is an over the shoulder braid with tiny diamonds interspersed in the braid. What Princess would be without her diamonds? Available in 14 lucious colors at my main store at the Island of ImagineNation.

Hot buttered yummy fun!

Something a little fun and silly Dr. Dominus's Whirly Pop Pocorn Vendor. Popcorn vendor that distributes 9 different popcorn flavors has 2 cute animations one for eating and one for when popcorn is all gone that turns popcorn box upside down and shakes it. You can set the price for the popcorn flavors are given randomlyand Popcorn kernals pop in the pocorn machine. Available now from Dominus Design's on the Island of ImagineNation

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

***Upgrades now available for the Multiplayer game***

In the Battle between Heaven & Hell
There is one thing you can be sure of.....
The Devil may care!!!
New Year, HOT New Look, New Features,
New Name ... Same GREAT Game !!!

The new version of the multi player game and solo version is loaded with new features and sports a Hot, new sexy look for the New Year. Below are some of the new features:

* Owners can optionally retain a percentage of pot donations
* Minimum donation to play can be set
* Owner statistics including # games played,
Total Income, Total Payout, Net Profit
* HOT New Look
* New Name
Games are now available at Dominus Designs on the Island Of ImagineNation. IM Sparkle Skye for more information.

Monday, January 01, 2007