Thursday, December 07, 2006

A little touch of Magic & a Whisper of Romance

Sunset Romance Caliope in Caliope's Sunset wearing Milady in Sunset
A beautiful princess caught in the fading light of the sun as it sets. Her hopes, her dreams await her as she basks in the afterglow. I loved this photo it evoked those magical fairytales I grew up with as a child and all the wonderful places our imagination carries us away to.

A Little Touch of Magic Dragonshelle wearing Flower Fairy in Mystical
When I got this photo sent to me it evoked everything and more of what I had intended this outfit to be. Dragonshelle caught the perfect whimsical feel with just a touch of magic in it can't you just imagine the fairies dancing in the fields of flowers under the starlit skies?

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Celebrity Trollop said...

Beautiful, Sparkle. Wow.