Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sasha Flexi hair

Well flexis have finally arrived, there was much anticipation about these coming but to be honest I looked at them in preview and didnt really think I would be using them much. The shapes that are flexible are very limited and even with those shapes there limitations. I had flexi's litteraly spazzing out with a nervous twitch as I discovered these limits.

That being said there is potential for these used with moderation so we don't look like we just hit a wind tunnel. I have visions of dorothy whooshing away as the tornado hits kansas. Laughs my first few attempts really put that vivvidly in mind.

Sasha is a very serene style the flows gently to your waist with soft gentle movement. For the time being I have decided to do the flexi hair packs a bit smaller then my usall sets at a reduced price. I have also put together some flower and flexie ribbon wreaths for Sasha. Not every single ribbon flexes but I think in this case less is more.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Princessa Long Braid with Diamonds & Flowers

I have finally gotten this set finished its been sitting in inventory since hair fair. I have a few more in this series I need to finish so I can move on, all going well the next one should be out shortly. This release is a waist long braid that falls from the braided coronet interwoven with diamonds. For this release I decided not to attach the flowers directly into the hair so it would give a wider range of choice in look and feel. the flowers make it ultra feminine and a bit more dressy, without you have a bit more of a casual feel. There will be a few more flower colors and textures coming just didnt have time to get them all out. Important to note about the sparkle in the diamonds they are default off as I know that many are anti bling just as many do like it. Also there are a few color ranges I recently realised I had overlooked so I will be likely painting some new textures. I maybe eleminating some shades where I feel the differences are too subtle for how SL renders. It is disappointing sometimes when trying to paint in a variety of colors and then to upload and have them appear very similiar on a prim when in fact they are quite different. If there are colors that you have been looking for feel free to contact me, I am always open to suggestions. I love flowers and all kinds of things for my hair in real life, I really wish redoing my hair styles and accessories were this easy in real life I'ld be in heaven.

Princessa Long Braid a few colors

Just a few of the colors

Monday, May 22, 2006

Allure Debutante - Entre Vous

Often when I try to go to sleep Im thinking of designs and concepts as I look foward to the upcoming week. Sometimes my mind is going 90 miles a minute and I cant sleep because images & thoughts flash through my brain and I get on a roll. So this is how The Allure Debutante was born.

I am still in the thinking and development stages of this paticular line but I wanted something that embodies what that word means to me. Clothing that embodies grace, femininity, coming out to the beginnings of society and fashion. A freshness in style yet still with a touch of innocence, as a girl makes that trasition into womenhood. But also with a dash of spirit that sometimes bends the rules.

This is something quite different to my mind then designs such as Vixen which I consider more to be along the lines of the couture women much bolder, sleekier confident of herself and not afraid to show it. But thats for another post.

My First in the Allure Debutante line is Entre Vous a delightful ensemble set that will give you a variety of looks. Hand painted satin with lace detailing This set includes a sleek bodice and non prim mini skirt that can be worn with or without the prim sleeves and ribbon choker. Or you can wear it as a babydoll dress for those less casual functions. Have a party and dancing to go to? Then try the layers of ruffled petticoats that make this dress a real show stopper.

I loved making this dress the satin feels lush and creamy to me. I simply adore this set and hope you enjoy it too. It is avaible exclusively at my main store in ImagineNation and comes in 12 colors a few samples posted below.

EntreVous - Colors

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Finishing Touches

Well I have to confess I am an accessory-aholic in real life. I have this intense need for things to coordinate from head to toe if possible. I have been known to spend days and drive miles for that perfect finishing piece that completes an outfit.
Nothing gives me a more complete feeling when I find it. For me it truly is that feeling inside of knowing that I have pulled together a polished, complete look be it sophisticated or fun & funky.

As I have designed my outfits and hair this is something I have kept in mind and strive to do. I try to continuously offer new selections that can coordinate and compliment previous designs, the candy stripes & flowers set is my taking that next step towards that.

The hand bag is a perfect complement to the capri and skirt set but it also coordinates with the Spring Romance dresses as well as my Blossom, Rose Elegance and Tatianna's french twist hair sets.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It is available now at my main store locatedin ImagineNation in 8 fab colors.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Candystripes & Flowers

I finally got back to this outfit and made some of the changes and additions to the set I have been wanting to do. I am really more of a skirt girl both in r/l and sl and it was something i felt was missing from this set. I just adore the lacey frillyness of the skirt, it makes me feel like spring bouncy full of energy and ready to go have fun! With the addition of the 2 skirts I think it is a really versatile set that gives you a variety of looks. My favorite is the halter by itself with the lacey ruffled skirt it is just so feminine.

Candy stripes and flowers a sweet treat to guaranteed to delight you.

Candy Stripes and flowers has been revamped, I have added 2 prim skirts:an A line prim skirt and a flouncy rufflly, lacey, confection of a prim mini skirt. The set includes a softly draped white halter with flower detailing, a polo crop top that can be worn with the halter or on its own, pinstriped capri pants with prim cuffs & flower detailing on pockets, shorts, 2 prims skirts, and a set of matching bangle bracelets. By request I have also added two more colors a delicious peach which reminds me of a creamsicle pop and a very summery teal. All the colors in the set are complimentary so you can mix & match sets to get multiple looks.Available in Peach, Pink. Purple, Spring Green, Red, Teal & Blue at Allure by Sparkle Skye at ImagineNation.

**Note if you have purchased this set previously and wish to upgrade it IM me to find out how to do so.

Finals are over hoorray!!!!

Well finals are finally done yayyyy!! Now I am trying to get caught up with the piles of unfinished projects and outfits I have half finished and drawn sketches for. My problem is I'll be in the middle of one design when my brain seems to just spin off in a different direction. I am reallly going to try and be more disciplined and making myself finish before going off....but sometimes well the creative spirit just takes you were it wants to go and sometimes it just can't be denied.

I am really pleased with the results of the drawings I did for my final projects for my life drawing class. It was a fun job albiet a bit ardourous as we had to do 17 drawings for our final portfolioand we got the assignment about a week and half before it was due. After I got throught the procrastinating and fear of omg what am I going to do it was alot of fun I just started getting lost in it. My favorite one of the batch is serenity. There definitely room for alot of improvement and I see things now if I hadnt been rushing I would do differently but ce la vie next time can do even better. I have attached a few of the images and a composite of some of the final pieces.