Monday, May 22, 2006

Allure Debutante - Entre Vous

Often when I try to go to sleep Im thinking of designs and concepts as I look foward to the upcoming week. Sometimes my mind is going 90 miles a minute and I cant sleep because images & thoughts flash through my brain and I get on a roll. So this is how The Allure Debutante was born.

I am still in the thinking and development stages of this paticular line but I wanted something that embodies what that word means to me. Clothing that embodies grace, femininity, coming out to the beginnings of society and fashion. A freshness in style yet still with a touch of innocence, as a girl makes that trasition into womenhood. But also with a dash of spirit that sometimes bends the rules.

This is something quite different to my mind then designs such as Vixen which I consider more to be along the lines of the couture women much bolder, sleekier confident of herself and not afraid to show it. But thats for another post.

My First in the Allure Debutante line is Entre Vous a delightful ensemble set that will give you a variety of looks. Hand painted satin with lace detailing This set includes a sleek bodice and non prim mini skirt that can be worn with or without the prim sleeves and ribbon choker. Or you can wear it as a babydoll dress for those less casual functions. Have a party and dancing to go to? Then try the layers of ruffled petticoats that make this dress a real show stopper.

I loved making this dress the satin feels lush and creamy to me. I simply adore this set and hope you enjoy it too. It is avaible exclusively at my main store in ImagineNation and comes in 12 colors a few samples posted below.

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