Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sasha Flexi hair

Well flexis have finally arrived, there was much anticipation about these coming but to be honest I looked at them in preview and didnt really think I would be using them much. The shapes that are flexible are very limited and even with those shapes there limitations. I had flexi's litteraly spazzing out with a nervous twitch as I discovered these limits.

That being said there is potential for these used with moderation so we don't look like we just hit a wind tunnel. I have visions of dorothy whooshing away as the tornado hits kansas. Laughs my first few attempts really put that vivvidly in mind.

Sasha is a very serene style the flows gently to your waist with soft gentle movement. For the time being I have decided to do the flexi hair packs a bit smaller then my usall sets at a reduced price. I have also put together some flower and flexie ribbon wreaths for Sasha. Not every single ribbon flexes but I think in this case less is more.

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