Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hi there

Well I initially created this blog to post photos of my new items since forums has been so horrendous when posting photos lately. So here we are and Ive decided to make this a bit more then just photos.

A little bit about me, I design things for Secondlife a wonderful 3d world that I fell in love with the moment I tried it. I design a variety of things from clothing, hair, accessories, flowers furniture and artwork. In real life I teach dance and am studying visual design, I also design costumes, jewelry and hand dye silk.

I have ended up opening a store Allure by Sparkle Skye in Secondlife a bit by default, mostly I just started making things for myself that I wanted and people would IM me asking were I got the outfit. I joke alot and call myself a sidewalk vendor as for the longest I had no store I would just sit in my garden making things and if people wanted something I would tp them and model my clothes.

Not alot has changed about that lol, half of my designs are still in inventory and I still model my wedding gowns and formals. I am working on getting the stock out into the store I realise that isnt a practical way to run a business but part of me will miss that customer contact.

I am mostly at ImagineNation were my main store is located if you haven't stopped by please do we have a wonderful assortment of games and rides created by the super talented Dominus Skye of Dominus Designs . If your looking for games Dominus Designs has a wonderful assortment that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Well thats all for now do drop by sometime and say hi and hope you enjoy reading this.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Adorned - Antique Gold, Amethyst & Cerulean Skies

Finally done at least this batch of colors if anyone has colors that they really wanted please let me know. I am thrilled with this set and how it turned out and hope everyone enjoys it.
The fabric is a hand dyed silk with exquisit beading, the set is adorned with sparkling jewels and chains that will accent your every curve and make heads turn as you glide through the room hips swaying softly. A silk that whispers softly around you, for those times when details and quality count.Available nowat Allure by Sparkle Skye at my main store at Imagination.

Adorned - Green Topaz, Garnet & Firey