Saturday, May 13, 2006

Finals are over hoorray!!!!

Well finals are finally done yayyyy!! Now I am trying to get caught up with the piles of unfinished projects and outfits I have half finished and drawn sketches for. My problem is I'll be in the middle of one design when my brain seems to just spin off in a different direction. I am reallly going to try and be more disciplined and making myself finish before going off....but sometimes well the creative spirit just takes you were it wants to go and sometimes it just can't be denied.

I am really pleased with the results of the drawings I did for my final projects for my life drawing class. It was a fun job albiet a bit ardourous as we had to do 17 drawings for our final portfolioand we got the assignment about a week and half before it was due. After I got throught the procrastinating and fear of omg what am I going to do it was alot of fun I just started getting lost in it. My favorite one of the batch is serenity. There definitely room for alot of improvement and I see things now if I hadnt been rushing I would do differently but ce la vie next time can do even better. I have attached a few of the images and a composite of some of the final pieces.

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