Friday, January 26, 2007

Tristan's Princess & Ballet Slippers

Typo wearing Milady Lilia
Another lovely portrait that I recieved. Typo is wearing the Milady Lilia for her wedding dress and bouquets were done to match this in gold and ivory she completed the ensemble with the gold ballet slippers with roses & diamonds and the Princessa long curls.

*Ballet Slipper Update*

On one of the last patches something changed that no longer allows you to delete an item in the contents, something I used to do with shoes when I didn'tt want the walk.
Originally I had made these with a scripted walk at a customers request but now have had alot of requests for the shoe without the walk. If you purchased these shoes and would like it without the walk please contact me


Paradise said...

Hey there - just want to give you my congratulations for making some of the best dresses etc. around - I really enjoy Milady Persia! Thanks, and keep up the good work ^^

Sachiko said...

Sparkle, I have been looking for simple, elegant shoes for days... I do not care for the spiky heels, I do not wear them in RL, I do not want to wear them here. So finally I find your black satin ballet slippers and they are PERFECT! I just wanted to say thank you, so very much.