Thursday, January 18, 2007

Revamping & some design thoughts

The Bridal salon is slowly coming together, I have done bridal gowns since I started designing mostly as custom orders for some wonderful customers who inspired me to help bring their visions to life. For a variety of reasons, I never got the wedding gowns into the shop and then flexis came and I have had alot of revamping to do.
Initially I was kinda bummed about having to redo all the work but ultimately I think it was for the best as the designs are much stronger and fluid then some of my initial work. I think sometimes when your rushing
and are very focused on the intial design process you miss alternatives.
I always nit pick things to death when I am working but if I am able to leave a design sit for a while and come back to it with a fresh eye, I find I am able to see things differently that may just make that needed change. I am always trying to challenge myself to try and see things differently and push beyond my initial concept.
The above photo is actually of some of the orginal dresses I havebeen reworking. Over the next few weeks Ill be releasing the revamped versions and some completely new designs. Flexis have both been wonderful and a great frustration in this process. On one hand there wonderful as it does give you a bit of softness and fluidity that we just were not able to get before, the bad part is the flying prims in your face when you move and while you can attain softness its not always the kind you want so I find myself struggling trying to achieve a compromise with the limitations and what I see in my head and how I want the dress to feel to me as I design it.
Overall I am reasonably happy with some of the results so far and hope people enjoy them.

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