Monday, January 22, 2007

Fairy Goodness

Xanna wearing Plum Fairy

I have had a miserable few days being sick with the flu, its been bed rest for me mostly with a a couple hours here and there trying to finish a wedding gown for a bride who was getting married monday. Thankfully I was just about done when I got sick. I logged in this evening just to check messages and I received this lovely photograph from Xanna, it really captured the essence of what his outfit was about when I initially envisioned it.
The photo has a very whimsical, story book feel ...A tiny fairy resting as she tends her gardens. Will the fairy prince find her and rescue her before the eveil toad whisks her away? Makes me want to turn to the next page in the book to read more of the story.

1 comment:

Xanna said...

Wow! I adore the Plum Rose Faerie outfit.
Went looking for boots and stumbled upon your store. Such lovely detail.