Saturday, January 20, 2007

She was a form of life & light

She was a form of life & light
That seen became part of sight...
Yes, love indeed is light from heaven;
A spark of that immortal fire.
Secret Garden Wedding V1
This first gown is not a revamp but a new design that evolved from the Secret Garden series at a request from a customer who wanted it as a wedding gown. This gown went through a few transformations as the customer wanted a cathredal length train for it. I have to say after alot of fits I was thrilled with the end result.The dress has a light gossamer feel that exudes luxury and feminity. There are prim roses with diamonds encircling the semi sheer bodice and the delicate sleeves. The bodice also has layers that can be added so if you choose for the ceremony it can be more opaque. There is a cathredal length gown and I also have made a reception gown with out the full train, that is a bit more manageable. The veil has a white rose wreath and an over veil that can be removed after the ceremony. There are 2 bustles one long for the ceremony and one for reception. Available now at my main store only on the Island of ImagineNation. Please IM me if you wish to view the gown before purchase.

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