Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Winter Jewel

Winter Jewel Ceremony Gown

Music and silver chimes and sunlit air, Freighted with the scent of honeyed orange-flower; Glad, friendly festal faces everywhere. She, rapt from all in this unearthly hour,

With cloud like, cast-back veil and faint-flushed cheek, In bridal beauty moves as in a trance Alone with him, and fears to breathe, to speak, Lest the rare, subtle spell dissolve perchance.

But he upon that floral head looks down, Noting the misty eyes, the grave sweet brow-- Doubts if her bliss be perfect as his own, And dedicates anew with inward vow His soul unto her service, to repay Richly the sacrifice she yields this day.

The Winter Jewel Gown is a picturesque Winter gown for that perfect winter wedding. hand painted with beautiful jewel detailing. The skirt is adorned with prim roses and Jeweled stars, with an optional sparkling over skirt. Cathedral and reception skirt are both included a luxurious fur stole and sparkling Fur tiara with veil as well as the fur tiara with no veil. A delicate lace bra stockings and prims bows.

Allure by Sparkle Skye


Arianna Psaltery said...

*happy sigh*

The perfect winter wedding dress :)

Sparkle Skye said...

Thank you glad you like it. Hope you are enjoying the Dark Rose Faire gown

Anonymous said...

That dress is beautiful. I'm so glad I found your blog site. Your on my site now so I find you all the time. : )