Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Goddess of the Volcano Arenal

Inspired by the Volcano Arenal in the beautiful lands of Costa Rica

Arising from a long sleep in her darkened caverns this deadly beauty arises...Feared by mortals... The goddess of sacred lands reigns with rich flamboyant plumes of fire and molten Lava...

She arises proudly before you in her fiery glory, sweeping majestically across the lands.

The Volcano Arenal Gown is the first in my Elemental Goddess series. It includes a fully hand painted gown with a plunging v neck and a dangerously low back and a scandalously high slit on the side. 2 tops one without the gauntlets, mermaid skirt and mermaid skirt with long train Floor length draped sleeves that represent fire and a smaller set of draped sleeves for standing. The gown features intelli-sleeves which combines a custom pose that works in conjunction with most of your favourite walks to show the sleeves off to their utmost in both walking and static poses.

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Kallisto Destiny said...

WOW - that scenery with the red dress is really pretty. Guess I will need to visit the COSTA RICA property as I've seen it being promoted by SL Mag for land to live on. Gorgeous. : )