Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Line and texture

The semester is finally coming to a close thank goodness my arm feels like its going to fall off this week but I'm down to the last few paintings for my final hurray!! These are a few of the beginning projects that we had to do to show line, texture, shape, contour, gesture and negative/positive shapes. I love the fashion pose one each of these was done individually as a contour drawing, I actually had a few more poses done but they wouldn't fit on the page once I added the negative shapes. I was disappointed at first cause all the work that didn't get included, poor pre-planning the lay out on my part but I think the negative shapes give the final lay out more interest.

This next project we had to do a panel for each of the topics the contour was hard for me as I really wanted to add shading and some shadows into the face the second portrait we could use line as value along with contour, again I really wanted to shade her face but I felt might not meet the project goals. I lost points for not using cross hatching on it :(. Doing cobblestones was kind of fun I experimented with using a few different techniques and think the end result turned out pretty good.

This was our very first assignment on shading, volume and light sources I actually decided to challenge myself and used Corel Painter to do these instead of Photoshop. I have only used painter a few times it has some great paint tools but I'm still not understanding some of the tools like the blenders they worked great on these but later as I moved into the color paintings I had trouble with it picking up the canvas colors.

If anyone knows more about Painter I'ld love to hear from you none of my searches turned up the answers I needed. Lost points on the cone and abstract shape cause my shadows were too hard "cry" I tried softening them but still not good as needed to be I guess, oh well try to do better on the next series.

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