Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let them eat cake!

Another one of my school projects. I was so stuck on this the assignment was to create a surrealistic painting every thing I came up with seemed to fall more into the fantasy category rather then surrealism. After alot of whining and moaning about it and some help from my fellow fashionistas I was able to get a firmer grasp of where I wanted to head with this.

Once I let go of all the preconceptions of what it couldnt be and just let it go it really started to flow on its own and the problem ended up not being what to do but what not to do in the amount of time I had to finish it.

The Orignal print is 11by 17 and was created using Painter and photoshop. Im still finding painter to be a bit frustrating but Im going to keep kicking it for a while see if I can get it to bend to my will.


bipolar angel said...

i really liked this your awesome at what you do hey come check out mine

bipolar angel said...

so check it out and give and opinion peace