Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Group Picks Reward #1

Wed night August 6, will be when the new parts to this series come out if you havent picked this up yet you still have time.

Week 1 of the groups reward gown is out. This is part of a collection and I will be having a new gown to this set each week so be sure and collect them all. Once this set is taken away I will not be giving them out so be sure and pick them up when I have them in the store. The gown is set for $1L.

The Gown is showing a bit greener in this photo do to a windlight setting its a teal blue green.

How do I get the Gown?

1. Visit the store
Sparkle Skye Designs
2. Put us in your profile picks making sure the "show in search" option is checked
3. Wait 24 to 48 hours an then come back to the store and you will be able to pick up the gown from the vendor.
4. You will need to wear your Sparkle Skye Designs group tag as well.
**Important make sure Show in Search is checked in your profile or you wont be recognised by the vendor.
If you already have us in your picks Huurrray! You can pick up the gown right away!

The gown will be out for a limited amount of time only, I will not give it out once I remove it, The only exception to this is if you were on my picks list prior to this announcement and maintained it.

I have already checked the lists for those that did. ;-) I may also do spontaneous gifts & raffles with no warning so make sure and keep them up.
Thanks for your support.

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