Monday, February 04, 2008

Wickedly delicious

If you were to take a peek in my bulging inventory you would see a closet bursting with shoes of every possible description and color. My latest indulgence are the shoes from The Stiletto Moody Boutique. Theres is something about the style and flair of these shoes that just calls to me. Luicee and I were stalking Dancer the boutique manager for a week when we caught a glimpse of these on her feet as she was walking by. There were plaintive cries from Luicee on the fashion chat during the week are the shoes out yet??????

You can imagine my glee when I heard tomorrow at 4:00pm and I saw a few photos on the fashion feed. I madly dashed off the url to Dominus with a statement I must have these!!!!!!!! I am happy to say when I made my purchases the next day I was not disappointed. These are excellently crafted and a superb quality and I consider them some of the finest quality shoes in my collection , they are sexy, elegant, fun and just plain wickedly delicious.
These shoes do carry a hefty price tag but there have been a couple sales where group members can get them for half off. Theres also been alot of disscussion that a commissioned artist is working in partnership creating the shoes for the store.
There is alot that goes into running a business in SL from creation to marketing, customer relations the list and time involved, the list is endless. Not every artists wants that level of involvement or added work. I know for me personally it does eat up a chunk of my creation time but I love it and is part of my creative process but I can understand how some would not want it.
If an artist is comfortable with how they are paid, the division of labor in their partnership then I really don't understand why people are upset. I much rather see this if the artist is interested then all the theft that has been happening.
The shoes contain a list of scripted features that allow you to adjust sound, bling option, optional walk some also have color change options. I personally would like to see more of the shoes offering the color change options even if its just a limited pallette. I have found dancer to be charming, and extremely helpful so if your not sure whats on sale or what options a shoe has am sure she would be happy to assist you. I would like to add that prior to going into the store to shop I had not met anyone there.
While these shoes may not be for everyones taste or budget I found them delightful and hope to see more from the team at Stiletto Moodys.
Madame X Cocktail dress in Snow Allure by Sparkle Skye
Storm Wind Goddess Allure by Sparkle Skye
Hair: Lara,Charity & Barbie Allure by Sparkle Skye
Shoes featured: Elegant sling backs in Rose gold, Foxy Wedges in Pink, Elgant Sling backs in Silver Twinkle

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