Tuesday, February 05, 2008

StormWind Goddess

She is a spirit of the night...The winds swirl around her at her command

Electricity crackles in the air as the raindrops cascade from her shoulders softly caressing her silken form

Shades of SIlver and blue whispering gently across the night sky as she speaks in in her own soft tones.

The Goddess gowns feature a gossamer silk skirt fully hand painted gown with a plunging v neck and a dangeroulsy low back and a scandelously high slit on the side.

2 tops one without the gauntlets, mermaid skirt and mermaid skirt with long trainFloor length draped sleeves that represent fire and a smaller set of draped sleeves for standing.
The gown features intelli-sleeves which combine a custom pose that works in conjunction with most of your favourite walks to show the sleeves off to their utmost in both walking and static poses.

Allure by Sparkle Skye

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