Thursday, October 23, 2008

Harvest Faerie October Special

Harvest Faerie

Summer over, harvest begins the Sun is growing weak,
We gather berries from hedgerows, a bird takes one in his beak,
All life on earth is thankful for the harvest they have found,
Autumn produce, pumpkins, wheat, apples strewn on the ground.
A chill in the air as the Wheel turns on it's way to winter's blast,
Squirrels snatching up acorns and nuts, the shells aside to cast,
Leaves are turning autumn gold and red amongst the green,
Isn't that just the most beautiful sight that you have ever seen?

Harvest Faerie
Many Moons ago when I as a little girl my mom made me the most delightful Harvest Farie Costume with layers of tulle & chiffon with tiny velvet covered leaves and fruits sewn into the skirt. It was one of my favorite costumes of all time and brngs many fond memories.
For the month of October I have put this out at a discounted price. I have included 2 sets of the ball gown 1 with the pumpkins on the skirt texture and 1 with just leaves. I hope you love this as much as I do.

Also so you can complete the set I have put on the Dyan Flame hair that I used in this add on sale as well as the Cinderella Jeweled slippers in Nutmeg on sale. Hope you enjoy.
Included in this set are the head piece, flowers for the wrist and bodice, wings, wand and the Sparkle and no Sparkle gowns for a total of 12 pieces.

Sparkle Skye Designs

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