Monday, October 29, 2007

She is Queen

Stripped of her birthright, her mother beheaded, called a whore and a witch so a besotted, self indulgent King can try to produce the much desired male heir he so desperetly seeks. She was the least likely ever to cimb the steps to England's throne.
Half of England despised her calls her a heretic, the French want to kill her, Spain lusted after her their suit rejected, choses to condem her as the Bastard Queen. They have sent proclaimations condemming her, urging her people to rise up against her and murder her.

Spain has mounted its greatest assault yet, they are coming for her, they will not rest till her blood flows.
She will not run for She is Queen and these are Her People....
Queen Elizabeth hair available at Allure by Sparkle Skye
Winter Queen Tiara Queen Hiedi Alienbear Design
Queen's Crown- Le'Bear II Princess Crown by Alienbear Design


Sunday said...

hm, I'm guessing this was inspired by Elizabeth: The Golden Age... but I'm afraid the outfit is too modern and blingy to really capture the true look. =)

The costumes were gorgeous in the movie though!

Sparkle Skye said...

Oh I just love the Golden Age movie saw it twice. While I love the movie and costumes niether are many of the events or the costuming in the movie accurate but never the less it was fun and beautiful to look at. As to blinginess you are seeing gorgeous lighting effects at the staylight sim which give the photos the exact fantasy look & ethereal effect I was after. No little blings were harmed in taking these photos ;-)

Torley said...

Sparkle! I saw these pictures on the World of SL Fashion aggregator, and just had to comment... very pretty! What is the dress called, and I presume it's by you?

My beloved really enjoyed a dress you created (with flexi-skirt) that someone wore at a recent masquerade ball we attended. =)

Sparkle Skye said...

Hi Torley! The dress in the first photo is a modified version of the milady gown in ivory that was a request. The second photo is called Queen Katherine, my imaginings of what a young sassier Katherine might of wanted to wear (reads too many historical fantasys. I will be releasing more Tudor & Elizabethan inspired gowns in the upcoming weeks. The Contessa or Belle gown (southern belle inspired gowns)may also been among the ones she saw. Please do not hesitate to contact me inworld for assistance.

Sunday said...

RE: events and costumes from the movie... Oh no, of course the events were quite skewed, same as the first movie - but as far as the costuming goes, much better than some historical pieces done, but not perfect. But a lovely piece of fluff, for certain. Most people wouldn't know the difference anyway. :) I wish someone would do accurate Elzabethan gowns in SL. How lovely it would be to really dress up like Gloriana!

Sorry, I've begun using "bling" to describe anything sparkly and bright rather than the technical "script that makes things go kapow". Bad habit I suppose. The pics certainly are fantastical! Great job getting what you were after. =)