Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Perfect for the Fashionista

Port-A-Hud Never misplace a Landmark again!

Porta Hud is prolly one of my most favoritest things right now and I think once you try it you'll love it too!
Ever been afraid to delete a Landmark for fear youll NEVER find that cute little store with the most perfect outfits?Regularly bombarded with landmarks, have hundreds or thousands of the little suckers in your inventory, then Port-A-Hud is for you!


* Allows you access to your landmarks without opening inventory (good when inventory loads are SL-owwwww)
* Allows you to quickly arrange your landmarks into categories for easy finding
* Allows you to display your landmarks in ascending, descending order, or selectively by starting letter or symbol.
* Allows you to search for landmarks by any search criteria
* Allows you to delete your landmarks* Allows you to send multiple landmarks to others nearby* Allows you to quickly get to where you want to go!
* Provides quick SLURL's of your current location (great for bloggers!)
* Conveniently "flips up" out of the way when not in use.
* A variety of diffent background images (skins)

You can find it in the games area of the store on the back wall by the Snarkie Sharkie careful he doesnt bite you!

Dominus Designs

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