Saturday, May 05, 2007

New Adventures!

Riding my Water Serpent at ImaginExotica

Onto grand new adventures, last week I began my class in Ecorche at the Los Angeles School of Figurative Arts. Echo whoo??? Ecorche is the study of human or animal anatomy with the skin removed to enable you to study the location and interplay of the muscles. This method of studying anatomy was started in the 15th Century and some artists will even study cadavers Ewwwwwwwww!

I am not brave enough to study cadavers at least not yet! I might faint if I have to do that. What we are doing is creating a wire armature made from a variety of different wire gages that is wrapped together to form the base under where the skeleton and muscles will go. This was kind of fun I had never done this before and didn’t even really know what they meant by making an armature.

Oooh Play-Doh!
Once you have this completed you then with pliers put your armature into a pose that you would like you end sculpture to be in and you nail the bottom to a wooden base.

The next class we will be creating the bones of the skeleton from clay onto the wire. I’m a bit nervous about this as the last time I played with clay it was making delectable edibles from play-doh with my easy bake oven!

A students work in progress
I will be chronicling my adventures here on the blog as I progress with some in class photos Today I have some photos of projects done by other students in previous classes. Looking at some of the completed works was really inspiring if you continue on with the classes there is a course were you create an imaginary creature, you have to develop a working skeleton for it that makes sense as well as muscles then you create an environment for it, sounds like mad scientist stuff. Remember the movie The Fly Muhahahaa!

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Hethr said...

Why do I know your imaginary creature will first make its debut in second life and then move onto the class room hehe.